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Jiu Jitsu as self defense and its benefits for men and women of all ages!

“The JIU-JITSU I created was to give the weakest ones a chance to face the heavier and stronger ones” – Hélio Gracie, Jiu Jitsu master and one of the main promoters of the gentle art. When it comes to self defense, the martial art that stands out is JIU JITSU. Some of the reasons for this are the immobilizations practiced during classes, locks and submissions. When the brothers Hélio and Carlos Gracie developed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, self-defense was the first part of the sport that students learned, often spending up to a month learning to defend themselves. Sports Jiu Jitsu has distanced itself from the traditional in some aspects. One of them is the lack of self-defense classes in some gyms. Many times an athlete is a purple belt, with several titles and patches on the Kimono, but does not know how to defend himself against aggression on the street. Self Defense in Jiu Jitsu Knowing how to immobilize the opponent in a real combat situation is extremely important for anyone. Self defense will always bring you confidence and more calm to deal with any confrontational situation in our lives. Normally, the maneuvers that are used in self-defense jiu jitsu, which include intense body contact, can teach how to take down, mobilize and even momentarily disagree with the aggressor, who may be a malicious person. All within the principle of levers that reduce the advantages of the difference in physical strength and size of a potential aggressor. Brazilian jiu jitsu brings self-confidence to the practitioner, ensuring the certainty that he will be prepared if he needs to defend himself. Curiosity: Taparia Training Even if at first glance it may seem strange, taparia training is one of the most important ways for you to maintain a good routine in your jiu jitsu self defense training in real combat situations. Thus, in a situation of real aggression, there is often a period of initial stress, which may come with provocations prior to the action itself. Thus, in pairs, athletes can always use slaps as if they were punches, in which the main idea, in the end, is to teach students to control the distance, act efficiently and react without fear. Importance and benefits for women Violence against women presents worrying numbers in Brazil, cases of abuse of the most diverse forms are frequent. According to data from the Atlas of violence released by IPEA, the numbers for the last 10 years are worrying, registering an increase of about 30% in relation to the previous period. Unfortunately cases of violence against women are common, both verbally and physically, one of the most alarming data that shows this was released by the Patrícia Galvão Institute, which shows that 97% of women have already suffered some type of harassment in public transport. It is in this scenario that self-defense is a decisive tool in a situation involving violence against women. Self-defense is recommended for all women and also brings a sense of security that even alleviates the anxiety that situations of violence may occur. With Jiu Jitsu techniques, women are able to break free, using their opponent's own weight and strength against him. So, in a self-defense situation, getting rid of someone stronger won't be that difficult. How to start practicing

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is ALLSTAR expertise . We are a school Affiliates with GFTeam New Jersey, is one of the biggest jiu-jitsu teams in Brazil and the world, which values ​​the culture of self-defense.

If you understand that thinking about self-defense is extremely important and you want to be prepared for undesirable situations that may happen in your daily life, get in touch and schedule a class . There is no age restriction, and it's never too late to start!

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